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Welcome to our Resource Directory, comprised of ZPE community members who embrace an alcohol-free lifestyle, offering services from wellness coaching and yoga instruction to culinary expertise and more. Dive in, explore, and connect with these valuable services tailored to support and empower you on your alcohol-free journey.

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Angela Sheridan –Alcohol Freedom Coach
TNM Certified
Experience transformative personal growth with Angela Anne Coaching. Specializing in 1:1 tailored sessions, Angela paves the way for individuals to achieve profound self-discoveries. 
Embarking on an alcohol-free (AF) journey? Pause the Pour & More, hosted on Mighty Networks, is more than just a community—it's a sanctuary. Members gain access to group coaching programs, geared to support their alcohol-free transition. Under the guidance of Angela and two other seasoned coaches, participants find solace, strategies, and success stories. 

Instagram: @angelaannecoaching & @pausethepourandmore
Heather Lowe - Ditched the Drink 

Empowering Coaching, Dynamic Digital Classes & Exclusive Membership
Step into a world of transformation with Heather Lowe's "Ditched the Drink". Dive into the INSIDER Monthly Membership, complete with a user-friendly mobile app. Engage with the invigorating JUMPSTART Digital Class and experience personalized transformation through the BECOMING 1-on-1 Coaching. For those inspired to guide others, the LAUNCH certification offers comprehensive training and mentorship, setting the stage for you to excel in the coaching realm. 

Instagram: @ditchedthedrink

Heather Morse - CHESOTERIC 
Heather Marie Morse via CHESOTERIC offers a unique "astro yoga" experience, blending the ancient wisdom of astrology with the transformative practice of yoga. Through this synergy, participants are guided on a journey of connecting “as above, so below" for deeper self-awareness and discovering celestial alignments that resonate with their inner being. 
Heather offers workshops, astrology, tarot and yoga offerings providing a fresh approach to living embodied, grounding individuals in both the cosmos and the earthly plane, offering a holistic pathway to self-discovery.
Instagram: @heathermariemorse & @chesotericastrology

Kristin Horstman-Brighten Your Life Coaching 
Kristin Horstman is a certified Gray Area Drinking Master Coach, Health Coach, speaker, and blogger with over two decades of experience in diverse leadership roles. Beginning her journey to sobriety in January 2021, under the mentorship of Jolene Park, Kristin has overcome personal battles with alcohol and anxiety. She passionately guides others through similar struggles, embodying the mantra, "For years I drank alcohol in the gray area, but my forever decision to stop is very black and white." Through her Brighten Your Life Coaching programs, she empowers clients to develop positive mindsets and healthier habits. Her holistic approach focuses on overall well-being, addressing gut health, neurotransmitters, and physiology to manage stress and cravings. Kristin is more than a coach; she’s an understanding ally, dedicated to steering clients towards a healthier, brighter future.

Instagram: @coachkristinhorstman

Martha Wright - Clear Power Coaching
An Alcohol-Free Journey with a Culinary Flair 

Martha Wright, drawing from her experiences with Food Network Chefs and as a winemaker/importer, guides women to reframe their views on alcohol. Instead of traditional beliefs, she emphasizes a life enriched by sensory pleasures and fun. Martha offers 1:1 coaching, group sessions, and her video course, 'Luscious AF'. Subscribe to her newsletter for fresh insights from the alcohol-free world and join her at cozy gatherings in Portland Oregon, Paris, or New Orleans. With Martha, experience a life full of zest without alcohol's haze.


Robbie Shaw - Champagne Problems Podcast
At the Champagne Problem Podcast, we're dedicated to enlightening and emboldening listeners towards a brighter, more balanced life. By deeply probing how our behaviors echo through our mind, body, and spirit, we aim to foster understanding and growth. Each episode is a curated blend of our hosts' personal journeys, insights from experts, and a diverse lineup of guests who bring forth a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and direction. Tune in for an enlightening voyage towards well-being.

Instagram: @champagneprobspodcast

Sarah Olsen-Put It Down Lifestyle

Dive into a transformative experience with Put It Down's Sober October Challenge! Whether you're exploring sobriety, recalibrating after a spirited summer, or keen to connect with fellow women on their alcohol-free journey, this is your invitation. As a special treat, use code SOBEROCTOBER50 for an exclusive 50% discount. The best part? Once you're in, you're family. Enjoy perpetual access to our workshops, events, 'The 25 Days,' and more. For all the sparkling details, visit our website or reach out to us directly.

Instagram: @putitdownlifestyle

Shannon Walls - Crawl Walk Coaching

This October, embark on a journey of introspection and transformation with Shannon Walls of Crawl Walk Coaching. Offering personalized 1-on-1 sessions, she's dedicated to helping individuals reevaluate and reshape their relationship with alcohol.

Shannon's own triumphant journey began on 1-1-22. Through unwavering dedication, the invaluable guidance of a mentor, and the embrace of a nurturing sober community, she redefined her life. Now, she's here to guide you. With the right tools, strategies, and Shannon's expert guidance, you can pave your way to an empowered, alcohol-free existence.

Ready to change the narrative? Reach out to Shannon and start your transformative coaching experience today.

Instagram: @hello.iamshan

Toni Will-Mindfulness Elevated

Toni Will provides health, wellness, and career coaching for high-performing individuals. Whether you're looking to change your relationship with substances, achieve fitness goals, or advance your career, Toni's approach is tailored to guide you. Partner with Toni to meet your unique goals and aspirations.

Instagram: @imtoniwill

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